Why ZB

There are so many companies or agency who just claims that they have the potentialities completing your project, but after handling your project you will see that they are just missing deadlines or the quality work is not good at all. We do what we can do the best and we have the best experts doing the best for you, and that’s why we expect that you want the best. When it comes to quality work in any space then you should think and rely on ZB because we are committed to our clients, and we work for attaining your 100% satisfaction. If your satisfaction is even 99.99% then we aren’t happy, and of course we work until you are’t 100% happy. That’s how we work and that’s why we are different from others. Here are few more reasons why we are the BEST.

True Business Automation

We automate your business using any tools that are available in the marketplace. We understand the immense importance of business automation and we develop custom tool for automating your entire system. There’s a good chance that your firm needs a piece of software that can be used company-wide, to make your organization run seamlessly from every angle. And, ZB has the talent, experience and committed support staff to fully automate your business.

Superior Development

ZB is committed to providing businesses around the world with excellent CRM & ERP, Software, Website, Theme & Plugin development services. We know that handling your end-to-end business software is a challenging task. But, ZB is staffed with some of the hardest-working programmers in Bangladesh who create easy-to-use tool. So, we’re confident that we can build superior custom software, website, theme & plugin, web & mobile application for your business.

Proven Process

ZB always applies the proven processes to grow your company means growing your sales. We have experimented thousands of tactics and techniques to have sales for your business or products, and we choose the best bait or strategy for you so it ensures you are getting immense amount of leads and we help you converting leads to customer. We have all the experiment results listed so we apply strategies based on your business niche. We are glad to provide the best strategies for you. 

Converting Design

Conversion is ultimate goal for any offline or online business. The better the conversion rate is, the more money you generate. ZB’s expert team ensures not only eye catching design for your website but also ensures that converting elements are present in your design. Only eye catching website can attract your eyes but it won’t get you conversion. We emphasize both on design and conversion rate because ZB has true designer and conversion specialist.

Serious Deadlines

We’re serious about deadlines, because we believe in sticking to our word. So, when we set a deadline, you can bet that we’ll deliver by the due date. You won’t get any excuses from us because we hate missing deadline, and making you loss financially. When the deadline is missed then you are behind thousands of marketers and you are late from launching your business or products. You can expect just 100% pure results from ZB within deadline we set while discussion.

Dedicated Support

We aren’t that company that is out of reach after completing any project. You get one month of dedicated support at no charge because we know there may arise an unexpected error, and you will be in great loss if we can’t fix that for you. We’ll be right there with you to address any questions that you might have, and solve any issues with the project. In case of software or any app development project, we provide full one year service at free of charge. ZB is for your happiness.

Want to get results? We’re here to help.