Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the main platform to increase your sales through proper nurturing through email follow up. We have experts in every major email marketing platforms. We handle all of the setting in an email marketing software/tool like Mailchimp, Aweber, Get Response, Convert Kit and so many. Just ping us which software you use and we will set up all email automation, campaign, form integration and any other tasks. We offer service for the following email marketing tools/software so just let us know when you want us to work.


Mailchimp is an email marketing tool where you can create simple email follow up sequence, email broadcast, RSS feed campaign, template and simple sign up forms. It’s better for initial stage marketers who want to run simple email automation task. We are here to accomplish whatever you want to get done inside mailchimp. Just shoot a message or call us, you will get your work done.


Aweber is almost same as Mailchimp. We have great Aweber experts who know 100% of it and can deliver tasks like creating email automation, setting up broadcast email, designing template and different type of forms. When you need Aweber support then just contact with ZB team and you are done, we will take care the rest.


Act-On is useful for advanced email marketing, it has tremendous features to run email marketing and lead management system with advanced reporting. When you are thinking of using this you should think of us because we are here for you. We help you getting your email marketing done and have a great automation system built with Act-On. We have top class experts who can blows your mind with excellent work.

Get Response

We have pro email marketer in Get Response. We are here to help you implementing your email marketing through Get Response. We work on all features of it like email marketing, landing page designing, marketing automation, webinars, autoresponders and all other features. Just give us a knock at our door and feel free to do any other work.

Constant Contact

Need a Constant Contact pro? Yes, we get you and you are feeling fresh now because we know you trust on our expertise and skills. Learning new thing is a headache as well as time consuming so don’t waste your time. Time is gold, generate more gold bar. In the meantime we make your Constant Contact a gold bar setting up everything you your business needs. Get the best from the best!

Convert Kit

Convert Kit is an autoresponder having the basic feature of email marjeting, template design, email broadcast, real time reporting and so on. ZB has Convert Kit experts who are waiting to get you done all your tasks related to this autoresponder. You can contact us anytime telling your problems, and we’ll take care of it.


Drip is an awesome tool to create your campaign, track and manage leads based on tags, see improved reporting etc. Drip can be a better tool to automate your business and ZB is the best team supporting you on Drip issue. Drip offers you best-in-class visual builder and we offer best-in-class success story. Be our success story and feel the greatness of glory!


We are straight forward to deliver the best work and Sendlane is like us to offer Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Landing Pages. Yes, Sendlane offer this three features and we offer the best service on this three features of Sendlane. Expect the quality work from us every time.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor gives you everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional email marketing campaigns to grow your business. We create gorgeous email campaigns that get results, create marketing automation that engage leads, set up personalized and managed data, and create beautiful signup forms. Contact us to get the result.


Autopilot gives your customer a great journey experience and we give you best service on Autopilot. When you are stuck with Autopilot set up then we are always available to get you unstuck. Yes, like Autopilot we give you best customer journey, automate your email marketing and save your time to spend with your family or other important tasks.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns offer variety features like Email Marketing, Social Campaigns, Merge Tags, Email Template, Marketing Automation, Tracking & Reporting, Ecommerce Campaigns, G Suite, Zoho CRM Integration, Autoresponder, A/B Testing, RSS Campaigns etc. and we provide you support implementing all of the features using Zoho Campaigns. Let us know what you need to get done.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is an autoresponder using you can create simple lovely email. ZB offers you simple lovely service when it’s necessary to get your work done with Mad Mimi. We aren’t mad like Mad Mimi because we suppose to deliver the mad work ensuring highest quality.

You need an email marketer? We’re here to help.